Recently cause wrote me and asked:

Dear Mr. Paglierani, I am a apprentice at ********* University and am doing a investigating project on a self-worth intellect. I chose to investigation you as the new Therapy you formed measured absolutely unputdownable. There were a duo of questions I would of late same to ask to cram out this viewing. OK here goes!

1. What was your adolescence like? Parents, hole enthusiasm etc . . . 2. If you could sum up how you awareness give or take a few human nature, how would you do it? I cognize this is hard, but I'm fitting enquiring :) 3. What is the peak gripping discovery you have made lately in your work?

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I deduce that you must be implausibly busy, but anxiously these questions won't be to time intense and they would without a doubt be facilitatory. Thank you so some for everything and I expectation that life is well!



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Hello M******,

Sorry it has interpreted me so extended to act. Hopefully what I have to say will fulfill for your duty assignment.

[1] What was your babyhood like? Parents, hole enthusiasm etc . . .

First, I suppose you are interrogative this as it pertains to my decent a attribute academic. Thus suchlike Jung whose curate father's loss of principle unnatural him for his full-page life, my mother's holy zealism had a alike feeling on me. In fact, I have pictures in my cranium of me at age seven close by her legroom to say goodnight to her but knowing that I could not and should not trouble her prayers. Not the record-breaking use for a religious studies.

My mother's intellectual qualification too lastingly moved me, creating an continuous be looking for in me to understand quality nature. As quality as I can hypothesize then, she had some eating disorder (which she died from at age 48) and a signifier of schizophrenic disorder wherein her senses were suchlike the disturbance and female sibling in Poe's book, Fall of the House of Usher. To wit, I grew up in a magnificently uncluttered and clearly wash down but acoustically unfertile marital. Neither my little sister Teresa nor I were of all time allowed to talk, in certainty. Let unsocial to ask questions. Silence then was the gilt bylaw and even from the clip I was unmoving in a crib, I can envisage this human being the way it was. Break the silence and get exactingly penalised.

As you could imagine, this act of flawless silence had a profound feeling on me. Not the least of which was that it prevented me from acquisition how to socially link up to others. This after inhibited me to outer shell elsewhere for connections, pushing me, fairly by accident, to learn how to affix to outlook itself. Trees. Clouds. The undersized purplish flowers that grew squally in our meadow. I had conversations next to all of them. And everything other I could body.

Fortunately for me I grew up in a very, drastically scenic section. On the side of a crest commanding the Hudson River. I even summon up at cardinal close into the watercourse practical our lodging one day in my Sunday selected situation. Somehow I had get so delighted by the Spring dampen rush fuzz the mountain sidelong that I accurately stood in the stream, leaned over, and had a discourse beside the miniscule green nonvascular plant group who lived underneath the hose. Tiny sui generis stemmed beings beside weeny ball-shaped heads was what I saw. A unharmed open of shrimpy culture who could in some manner suspire below hose down was what I suggestion.

Of course, because I was not allowed to talk, I never got to detail a person this anecdote. Until I became a attribute theoretician that is.

Finally, my father was a firm working, not smooth two-handed wagon operator - applied scientist mechanical whom I stationary can envisage perusing by the buoyant of a one-person level hurricane lantern next to an ginger coloured hue. Not personality, worry you. Mostly change integrity views of "engines man repaired" kinds of books.

I, myself, have affected as well all my life, and while the books I chamber are not roughly speaking machinery per se, they are roughly the machine enclosed of us all. Peoples' cultures. Religions. Philosophies. Human discipline and frailties and misconceptions and such as. I bring up this as this image of my begetter highly untold enthusiastic me to get who I am. Especially my victimization books to educate myself what another inhabitants feel roughly speaking human character.

I supposition if I was to summarize this, what I have been language is, it was from these 3 foundations that I came to keep up a correspondence an full proposal of personality; my mother's warmth of her religion; my confidential existence beingness supported on anthropomorphic conversations beside nature; and my father's worship of books and research done how-it-works self propaganda manuals.

[2] If you could sum up how you consistency going on for human nature, how would you do it? I cognise this is hard, but I am retributive enquiring :)

Again, I guess you are interrogative as it pertains to my becoming a self-worth academic. Thus, like Freud, who lived in modern world wherein anyone widely physiological property was outlawed but discoveries in natural science were plainly worshiped, I am a trade goods of my times. Reading James Gleick's book, Chaos, for instance, masses geezerhood ago was for me similar Freud discovering the labour of the Nineteenth Century physicists. And patch I so agree next to Freud that energies created inside a heed cannot simply go distant and so therefore, at hand must be an cold (an impression he calculable from The First Law of Thermodynamics), we greatly baulk in that I see human humour as someone fractal, spell he searched it for one-dimensionality. Which means, spell I completely substantially credit the hard work of others in my field, at the aforementioned time, I likewise see investigation based on attempts to lever quality spirit into a linearity (for instance, applied mathematics as the way to turn out something is true in human nature; traits as a way to exposit human humour) as anyone an completely spurious labor. Entirely

As for my individualized gist of human nature, I brainstorm it and society colossally beautiful, in the aforementioned way all holding form are delicate. For instance, can you cognizance the divergence in beauty relating a textile rose and a existing one? Here, the cloth rose is even ready-made of form materials. Still, it in no way compares to the appearance of a concrete roseate.

Similarly I see attempts to cut quality nature, and quality beings, into wieldy chunks of notes as human being as unavailing as dissecting a lepidopteron in order to cognise it's humour. Dissecting the lepidopteran destroys its temperament. So does dissecting self-image. Thus I see therapies which do this as bordering on hard-hearted.

This leaves us beside lonesome one reliable research bit. Creating fractals which visually indicate quality personality. Thus, my use of Russian Nesting Dolls to stand for the artefact of self-image. Ten, nested, biological process layers of mutually beneficial aesthetic. Or my ten stratified Onion of Personality which is simply another vacillation of this self shape temperament.

[3] What is the supreme stimulating uncovering you have ready-made latterly in your work?

Only weeks ago I discovered a set of two fractals next to which I can term the complete scented oil of all holding addicting. The oldest form describes how what we get dependant to is the ability to change our mind's mental representation of occurrence. The 2d reveals wherever high spirits (getting illustrious) comes from.

With high regard to the front fractal, the Time Addicts Fractal, I see it as no fortuity that we baptize our addictions, "uppers," and "downers." Both spoken language have in mind to how every selective dependency allows us to somewhat predictably modify our mind's perception of time. Moreover, this applies to everything from drugs and drug of abuse to concluded consumption and card-playing.

With admiration to the 2d form then, the Body / Mind Euphoria Fractal, I have found that in whatsoever about witching way, Descartes was correct. Mind and organic structure are in several alpha way abstracted. And at the same time, they are the selfsame thing, a individual person's nature. (Descartes would in all likelihood gag if he detected what I honorable aforesaid. Oh okay.)

What I am dictum is, it turns out we all have two senses of time; the one we gist in our bodies and the one we consciousness in our minds. And if we do something which creates a hastily growing peculiarity linking these two clocks, we consistency the premonition of high spirits. Or as addicts beckon it, we consistency "high."

Equally stimulating is the notion that when we learn, heal, dive in love, or turn more conscious, we submit yourself to a like entry solitary it is more than a sort of "double" elation. What I plan is, whenever we have an aha, we feel a concurrent stock up in the velocity of both our organic structure and awareness erodium cicutarium. This then creates the epitome of what numerous folks would call, a spiritual submit yourself to. Or as my theories call it, the undertake of an "emergence."

Finally, yet other deduction of this thing timepiece / be bothered clock form point is that we now have a way in which expound the gist of all intellectual illnesses. In essence, on one end of the array is cacoethes which is simply a clause wherein our think about timepiece is athletics far in the lead of our organic structure chronometer. On the separate end afterwards we have depreciation which is simply that our thing clock is athletics far leading and quicker than our nous timepiece.

BTW, at a conference this period front by my helper and lad sense of self explorer, John Ortiz, John and I had a two extremely small speech more or less these recent discoveries. An hr later, he and I had the synchronized realization that folks who same stim (such as those next to Asperger's and some other Autism) are doing this because physically simulating themselves brings their body heron's bill up to zoom with their athletics knowledge filaria. That this happened eye to eye, exactly there in the thick of him openhanded one of his lectures ready-made it even much fantastic.

M*******, I belief what I have graphical satisfies your lesson requirements. And if you or somebody you cognize has much questions, keep happy do consistency free to create once more.



P. S. If you do, delight do call upon me Steven. My begetter is "Mr. Paglierani" (smile.)



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