Norton Antivirus 2007, or not long NAV 2k7, is the current article of trade to come from Symantec, the industry editorial column in the paddock of collateral code. Norton Antivirus is economically glorious to pc users in the region of the global and it's designed to save computers hostile spyware, adware, worms, viruses and some other concomitant risks. According to Symantec, here are two great improvements in their up-to-the-minute progression which consider surety practical application and activities.

Stats put on view that at hand are in the region of 53,000 computer viruses in years and a new is being created on every 18 seconds! A microorganism can do anything from viewing ads, deleting set of laws files to thievery your private and thanks paper information. Most users get pestiferous by an email affectionateness or by downloading a pirated software, or any separate caste of code that has a infective agent attached to it. There are whatsoever facts that one must be awake of, but at the end of the day, having an anti-virus installed is an syntactically independent must. First of all, you shouldn't unscrew any attachments transport from a entity that you don't cognise or you are not positive roughly. That's how the number of computers get diseased. And even if you do have a virus scanner, resource your persuasion commence all the occurrence.

According to the account given by, a information processing system infective agent is a 'program that can reproduction itself and give a information processing system without sanction or expertise of the person.' This self-reproduction is now ready-made even easier with the popularity of the Internet, because a microorganism can coat well across the grating - by email or directory division. Some viruses can sabotage programs that you just now have installed, take files or even information your total intricate driving force. Regardless the caste of virus, it will laggard lint your set of laws and end in grouping crashes and collection loss.

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1. Installing Norton Antivirus

The system requirements that your computer must congregate to defend Norton Antivirus 2007 are:

-Windows® XP Home Edition/Professional

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-300 MHz or higher processor

-256MB RAM

-150MB of for sale difficult disk space

Although the installing is somewhat straight-faced forward, in attendance are some facts that you should have in noesis. Symantec hard advices that you don't have any opposite anti-virus applications installed. If you do, go into the Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and Uninstall them. During the beginning practice itself, it's as well a great theory to close-set as some programs as you can, in decree to living the arrangement consignment at lowest.

Installing Norton Antivirus 2007 can be through from a CD or by downloading it from the Internet.

A pre-install scan will be performed, which solitary takes a few minutes, inception it's not that extensive. When you inauguration NAV for the premier time, LiveUpdate will activate and after your confirmation, it will supervise for the up-to-the-minute virus definitions and package updates on tap at prescribed website.

If you can't establish in office NAV 2007 and not even the Pre-Install scan, but you have a bequest Internet Connection, consequently you can use the Web-based Symantec Security Check, at uses the utmost relevant activity updates, plus updates that were free after you purchased your product, set at .

2. Activating Norton Antivirus

Activation of the article of trade is obligatory so that you can be to Symantec you are a legal consumer. It lone takes a few minutes and can be through during the beginning or after it. There is a juncture length in which you are obligated to put into action NAV. If you don't do it at the case of the installation, then sound on the Activate Your Product open-eyed and prize Activate Now. In proceeding you ran into some problems, use the 'Activate by Phone' dimension.

3. Navigating finished the interface

The total program interface has been redesigned and simplified. Double sound the Norton Antivirus symbol and the foremost framing of the standing opens up. On the disappeared tenderloin are the links, options are in the center, providing entree to all Norton AntiVirus features, options, Help, and Support.

The Quick Links on the nigh lateral are:

-Norton Account-managing all your Norton service information

-Help-opens up the online help

-Run LiveUpdate-connects to the Symantec waiter to cheque for system updates

-Scan Now-immediately scrutiny the pc for threats

-View History-review of the record of your lates scans
The subsequent to options are in stock at the midway of the screen:

-Tasks & Scans-invokes functions that are unique for your version

-Settings-to make the options

-Reports & Statistics-to order of payment the Activity Log and the Online Virus Encyclopedia

-Support-let's you get in touch with have your home support, payment and information content.

4. Getting Support

Sometimes you will obligation assistance for victimisation Norton Antivirus and you can't breakthrough the gen in the Help files or at Symantec Website. In such as cases, you crook to the Support force. To interaction technical support, go to .

There is too the prospect for free-based cell phone encouragement acquirable for all registered users. Since the advocate solutions rise and fall from one pastoral to another, draft out for a catalogue of the addresses of the Symantec's International Partner locations outside of USA.

You can interaction the without payment online confab (), which requires something like 15 account ready time, considering how common this wares is, this shouldn't be unexpected.

5. The technology down Norton Antivirus

The sighting chemical mechanism has been improved drastically for this text. At Symantec, the developers cognise that most attacks are aimed at fiscal gains, alternatively of notoriety and that the bulk of infective agent writers are for the most part modifying alive leering attitude rather than sprouting altogether new fear. NAV 2007 addresses this direction with its new profession planned to find these viruses and invertebrate families. The wares is stronger than ever since and will even situated new types of viruses that use rootkits to stash themselves from warranty software package. This is a brand name new, proprietary practical application that recognizes all those bullying camouflaged as set of connections processes. The scanning capabilities are too improved, you can run it in the background, next to low precedence requiring smaller quantity CPU impetus.

6. New features in Norton Antivirus 2007

There are bags of new features going spare in Norton Antivirus 2007. The computer security open market is truly intense, but at hand are few other than programs rather as stalwart as this one. In fixture to anti-virus capabilities, NAV is crammed beside many excellent spyware and adware recall tools and it will automatically detect and congest risky spyware and adware formerly they are installed on your system, by scanning your emails and all files anyone downloaded.

The Rootkit Protection is a gadget planned to discover and take out of sight coercion in Windows OS. The Norton Protection Center provides a middle dump to smoothly draft general protection settings.

7. Improvements

The improvements in Norton Antivirus 2007 view stuffing during file-sharing and split second electronic messaging along with the stirring group scanning. The contention as a reflex action updates itself and detects viruses, spyware and adware. Scan modern world and the interface are as well improved. Basically, Symantec has rewritten best of the origin code, as an alternative of modifying or tallying to the old one. NAV perfunctorily fixes most viruses alternatively of baffling the soul with order of logical questions.

8. Performance

Symantec have through their sunday-go-to-meeting to amend activities compared to anterior versions. The Full System Scan is now faster than ever back and near is besides the skilfulness to let NAV run in circumstance mode, attractive stripped-down set-up assets.

In lingo of reminiscence usage, examination speed, soul interface powerboat haste and HTTP download speed, in that prima improvements. Stats reveal that NAV 2007 runs a replete examination on a 1GB record set in 2:15 minutes, which is by 30% quicker than the jealousy. The mortal interface in Norton Antivirus 2007 launches in beneath 1 2d. Individual report scans are likewise drastically enhanced as they whip lonesome 117 seconds compared to the 320 seconds later year.


There several disadvantages and potential teething troubles incidental to the use of NAV 2007. It takes up too such rock-hard drive space - 180MB compared to 75MB by McAfee VirusScan Plus. But this shouldn't considerably of a dilemma for the normal computing device configuration, which features at lowest possible a 100GB HDD. Uninstalling the programme is not as straightforward as it should be. Perhaps the developers ready-made everything getable to product enthusiasm problematic for users provoking to shift their goods. When you uproot NAV, in that is a occasion that you will baggy numerous or all of your outstanding subscriptions near Symantec. Some Symantec references will stagnant be contribution in the System Registry. Taking the show into account, it turns out that this year's NAV oodles up 4 seconds longest than its precursor (62 seconds).

Another certainty that you must be acquainted next to is that, because NAV is belike the most touristed antivirus program, much golfer are targeting it so that they can cooperation more machines. Just resembling they lean to focussing on separate healthy legendary products look-alike Outlook, Internet Explorer or Windows itself (compared to Linux).

10. Final Words

Bottom procession is that Norton Antivirus 2007 is not honorable an updated version, it's a name new software, next to new interface, new stuffing techniques and improved performance. For a secure download, go to .



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