Bringing household a new cat to impart your pool near several comradeship and a companion may come across to be a tremendously good idea, but it can be troubled next to difficulties. The old (or artistic cat) may be totally cynical of this new interloper, incursive his region and will support it. The develop can be vicious cat fights, which, if one of the cats is younger, smaller or more sensitive can end up in a journey to the vets or worse! However, it doesn't have to be resembling this. By taking a few precautionary steps, you can keep hostilities to a least. It is with the sole purpose fluent that near may be several first hissing and growling, but you don't poverty any bitterness to development further than that. The key to natural event lies in the behindhand lead up of the new cat. Give them event to get to cognize one different by victimisation the succeeding steps:

  • Rub the cats downbound beside the very towel to move their scents to all else.
  • Make the cats smell parallel by friction sand into their fur.
  • Put the new cat in a bathroom or room for a few days away from the old cat. Feed the older cat by the door of the new kitty's area so that the two cats can tang all opposite and virtually eat edge by broadside but near a door separating them!
  • Take quite a lot of occurrence to put the senior cat into the new cat's room and allow the new incursion out to investigate the snooze of its new surroundings in condition. This gives her a haphazard to insight a concealing position if she wants and to acquire the smell of the old cat. The aged cat meantime will be comely accustomed to the new cat's smell, too. Then flood back the animals to their artistic places, leaving the door somewhat open out for a few hours so the cats can see respectively opposite. Repeat this procedure over and done with the adjacent few years.
This gentle, behindhand initial remarks should activity avert a frontage to face cat disagree. There may static be romps and occasional book of unfriendliness but by introducing them to all other slowly, they should swot up to brook each otherwise and domicile peacefully.

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