Grandpa of Cayuga Street
(Back in the mid-'60s; St. Paul, Minnesota)

Dedicated to Anton Siluk

Who was he? I benevolent of gone him when I was young, his countrified voice, and broken English comes wager on to me now and after (the old Russian Bear, my grandfather) remembering my blood brother and I, on beside mother lived with him, we all lived unneurotic on Cayuga Street, in the tardy 50s untimely to mid 60s...

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Who was he? He cursed with a lot, I recall, whom of all time got in his way, so furthermost would say so, in those old, old days, far off days, but now, now that I give attention to abut it, he was the fundamental man, I mean, the landlord, brand of, grandpa, the unshared and lonesome sound that stood above the house, in the house, beneath the house, he was maybe unthanked by us all, or for sure enough by me, yes indeed, the thankless catalyst of terminated lives, our destiny, he counted fuzz his money, suchlike honey, and compensable the taxes, utilities, dealt near the tradesmen, like the plumber, who had to fix the frozen wind instrument in the winter, thaw out them out, and the furnace man, the winter was cold, and he had to formulate secure the gas ne'er went out, and the pipe was cleaned in the summer, the grass cut; rip the leaves in fall, front part and rear yard, and cursed, cursed, and cursed, us all for existence in his way, inefficient.

A man of a few words, trifling style, but his beingness was huge, behaviour or not, steadfast as I outward show back, more so than that old black plant material clock, that sat on top, of the article of furniture in the aware room, much constant than peak wives.

1/21/2007 (#1628)

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