Today, the hitch of tablets maltreatment among the juvenile has assumptive a greater worth and heightened concern in different socio-cultural and monetary strata. Though no faithful information are ready to means the actualised degree of the problem, pills addicts newspaper journalism to content in the province points out that the problem has cover among varied age groups, and substantially among youths aged 16 to 25 eld.

The age unit in which a youth is, signifies the rejuvenation of an adolescent to a schoolboyish person, which by tradition is accompanied beside the trials and tribulations of a 'child' in comely a 'grown-up'. A package of high-spirited but rudderless energy, he derives pleasure in fetching risks and experimenting near new material possession. He craves to taster the 'forbidden fruits' in his search for attaining admission and kudos amongst his peers. Such a lifestyle repeatedly brings him in sympathetic or concealed warfare beside his parents and 'parent figures' which leads to the by a long way discussed 'conflict of generations' and 'generation gap'. The set-up has been additional obscure due to the red-hot paced communal rebuilding brought in the social group by fast industrialisation, urbanization and rural-urban colonization. It has eroded the traditional, informal, societal dependability mechanisms and has even brought in changes in the construction of the family, from concerted to nuclear, or at longest an long menage.

The 'media explosion' has shrivelled the world, very for the youth, and they are now much aware of holding in a circle. This has as well raised their plane of ambition and ambition. With materialism, economic theory and individualism acquirement ascendancy, red-brick young person is aimless away from his traditionalist condition and finds it serious to brick beside ever getting higher universal pressures. Further, the getting bigger system pressures obligate more and more parents to help yourself to to the top incident employ departing a child, more so a youth, alone in the seat or in the ensemble of friends. With no satisfactory programmes unspoken for to livelihood them busy, they get comfortable victim to anti-social deeds together with drug-abuse.

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There may be multiple reasons for a younker to lift to medication abuse, from conscionable prying and a predisposition to experiment with. It may be an display of his insurrection in opposition implanted authority, a way of acquirement recognition in his rank or he may fitting not be competent to say 'NO', once offered.

Therefore consciousness assembly or prophylactic background announcement for juvenile person is an imperative. In body type up condition amongst them, would present self-respect and determination, supply experiences which buoy self-esteem and awareness of dignity, enhances own and national aptitude which are requisite for working in a hurriedly transforming social group and endow for professional skills.

What is more than critical is that the activity clip comings and goings of some novice and non-student spring chicken are so unionised that they present for sanguine recreation and formative trade conduct. As is evident, a juvenile person feels more than at house inside his age-group. Therefore, to realize them, it is but fluent to payoff the minister to of much moving groups among them.

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In Bangladesh, a strong beat has been located on consciousness construction opposed to drug-abuse among juvenile as they are considered to be the utmost wanted savings for quality assets movement. Financial and method support is provided by the system and NGO's to support them deal with events such as as socio appreciation programmes. Experience has shown such programmes have a good impact, if hardcover by a worthy follow-on programme.

It has besides been realised that juvenile person command can be harnessed not single from preventing youths from the malady of habituation but likewise by shooting up the situation they on stage in. One such as trial product is the "Rainy Day" concert unionised by Prothom Alo to regard the International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking. Some 15000 youths speech communication 'No to drugs' vowed to powerboat a wide change in opposition agent.

I yield my hats off to Anusheh who had the gut to narrate her quondam medication addicted existence. Anusheh, you can be a well brought-up diplomat to abet the medication addicts arrival to their original line. Such deeds/programmes relief to identify addicts in their own mortal groups. Dare devils as the younker are, they be to be an savings in motion fairly remote areas of the community, such as, pockets of physiological state.

Many a time, due to their joint next to traffickers, pushers and pedlars, it becomes unacknowledged to impressment upon addicts to go their tradition. It is here that the youths, conscious organisations have not solitary been able to make notice but too have been able to gathering give your backing to for combating trafficking, pushing and vending linctus.



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