It's polar to know your prospects if you deprivation to marketplace efficaciously to them. Take this rushed 10-point exam to see how ably you know and read your prospects.

If you can't statement these questions, how can you be convinced you are linking near your viewers in a applicable and meaty way?

How can you be certain you are stretch them next to a compelling announcement nearly your trade goods or service?

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How can you be definite you are tapping into the dialogue they are only having contained by their own chief next to honour to your article of trade or service?

I would oppose you can't. And if you can't do these things, your commerce will not be potent.

Let's see how you do responsive the next 10 questions almost your prospects or consumers.

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1. Who are they?

2. Where do they live ... hard work ... play?

3. What catch do they have that you can solve?

4. How does your article of trade or pay fit into their life?

5. What other do they buy in your commodity or provision category?

6. Where do they get intelligence in relation to your product/service?

7. What is utmost major to them?

8. What are they record nervous of?

9. What is their moving intersection to your commodity/service?

10. How will they rationalize purchasing your goods/service?

How'd you do? If you can't statement these questions, odds are your mercantilism statement isn't relating with your prospects. And if your phone call is not linking near them, you won't be amazingly in in mercantilism them on your service or provision.

Take the circumstance to get to cognise your clients and prospects. Learn all you can in the region of them. Use this quiz as a scout. When you do you'll be able to communicate head-on to their wants and concerns near your marketing, they will react. And your business organisation will expand.

© Copyright 2005 Debbie LaChusa



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