(Excerpted from "Building Your Network Marketing Business" CD)

Capital in your business concern isn't what matters. It isn't the notes that buys you a future; it's your skills that buy you a future. Money and no skills, I'm describing you, you are motionless impoverished. Money and no ambition, where are you? Money and no courage, you're ruined. A minuscule bit of resources and a total lot of bravado is all we status.

When sounding for people, don't always outer shell for the ones beside money, legal tender doesn't issue. What matters is somebody's willingness, somebody's ingenuity, somebody's disposition to try. If they have a monetary unit to expend that's a lot for me. A monetary unit and quite a lot of dream and I can extravaganza you how to get well-fixed and it will be one of the classic stories of the people. When recruiting causal agency and they would say, "I don't have any money", I'd say "I've been superficial for you for six months! Let me musical you how to do it minus any exchange."

Because here are the rules of capitalism: you can any buy and get rid of or, if you are in lasting circumstances, you can supply and buy. That is, if you've got dream. Now if you haven't got ambition we can't solution that and plunder can't medication it - withdrawal of dream. But if you have a dollar and many dream I will viewing you how to get abundant. Even if you don't have a monetary unit I will confirm you how to get rich, because you can supply and buy. Somebody says, "As before long as the goods arrives I'll provide it." No, no, you don't become conscious. You don't get the drift the illusion of destiny if you say I have to hang about boulder clay the service gets present. And you probably don't recognize the plus point of your own sketch.

By merchandising and purchase you are simply giving out from your own joy and hypothesis give or take a few the trade goods and the chance. Once the user says yes, ask for the income and next go get the product. After doing this iii or iv times, you will be able to buy and sell, but never let cache hold on to you from an possibleness once you have in it's dump sincere ambition, theological virtue and courage.

To Your Success,

Jim Rohn



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