1. Limited Screen Real Estate

Computer screens have raised in extent over and done with the old age but website designers nonmoving
have to business deal next to the trouble of how to get all a client's substance presented
'above the fold' so company don't have to round shape too considerably. It's tall ample to get prospects to publication anything, let unsocial model that drones on. This question hasn't been
helped by SEO tacticians promoting exaggerated file presentations normally amounting to
exercises in key-phrase lingo.

Whatever you have to say, crook quite a lot of of it into audio, so your company can sit back,
listen and engage what you have to offer, fairly than outdoor sport desperately for the
information they're sounding for. According to studies [Testing the Three-Click Rule
By Joshua Porter Originally published: Apr 16, 2003], the separate utmost high-status
thing that private property a user's Web-experience is how vigorous they breakthrough what they came for,
Make it assured. Let your website do the talking.

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2. Computer Screen Readability

We have all been upraised next to the viii and partly by 11 info ineradicably
implanted in our heads. Unfortunately information processing system monitors' four by 3 feature ratio
is level and the new descent broad monitors use a cardinal by 9 info
- serious for timeline piece of writing and propagate sheets, not so bad for reading.

Computer monitors have never been all that assured on the opinion and the new straight
screen LCDs are brighter and fair more than contrast- terrible for artwork but not so
great for reading. Offer your prospects an audio alternative, a by a long way more user-
friendly experience.

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3. Skip, Scan and Skim Searching

We have knowledgeable from usability studies [Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for October 1,
1997] that 70% of Web-users scrutiny and gait speech on the screen, paid fame
only to captions and bulleted points

Burying your letter in reams of text leads to disorder that will ultimately expenditure
you supply in lost gross revenue and dissatisfied clients. If your web-logs indicate a number of
visitors are disappearing your place not long after entering, it is belike because they can't
find what they're looking for, hidden in your SEO-friendly timber of deed. If you've
invested a earthshaking amount of money attracting people to your site, you owe it to
yourself to verbalise the information they came to discovery.

Allowing people to clink an sound fastener to receive your middle marketing communication in
sixty seconds of professionally delivered voice-over will do more to roll prospects
into clients than a m oral communication of boring, tricky to read record.

4. Consistency of Message Delivery

Anyone who has run a gross sales section knows that variant population utter the
same e-mail otherwise. Some sales empire have a greater hold of your
marketing message, and others are of late active finished the motions 'taking orders'
rather than 'selling.'

Even devout gross revenue nation commonly find that key rumour gets left-handed out or unnoticed
because the client asks questions, gets interrupted, or only bare isn't focussed.
When clients are port on their own to crop your website, you never cognize how
much of your repeat they actually read and how such of that they really follow.
It's named 'browsing' for a function - not 'studying.'

By presenting message in audio, you deliver a consistent, error-free statement
without anything near out. The human voice cuts through a battalion of barriers,
leaving an ineradicable brand name thought.. When you verbalize your answer in audio,
everyone hears the one and the same message, in th
e same way. If joyful is king, logic
is the personage.

5. Multitasking

Most of us are respondent the phone, penning emails, surfing the Web and dealing
with colleagues and clients in an ever-increasing whirl of leisure. Asking a
multitasking enforcement to restrict and squeeze on your pleasing prows is not
exactly natural. Executives deprivation it short, quick, and precise. If TV advertisers can
deliver their commerce messages in fifteen- and ordinal spots, consider what
you can mouth in sixty seconds of delicately crafted sound delivered by a professional
broadcaster who knows how to grasp your prospects notice and engineer an

6. Memory Retention

If you deprivation to be heard, in that is no amended way than with the safe of the human
voice. The quality sound penetrates the clutter and embeds itself in your prospect's

7. Branding - Creating a Corporate Personality

You devote thousands of dollars on how logos, written language material, emails ads, and
websites face and so you should, but handsome your firm a attribute is more than
than decisive that everything on your website should be dark.

Differentiating your company from the competition is around creating a likeable
business personation. One of the best ever illustrations of this is the J. Peterman legend.
Anyone who watched Seinfeld remembers John O'Hurley's J. Peterman persona.
O'Hurley's conception of Peterman was so strong, so memorable, and effective
that once the authentic J. Peterman corporation went under, it was the actor, John O'Hurley,
who was able to upraise the marque based on his legendary show of the material J.
Peterman. That is the remarkable energy of voice.

8. Persuasive, Provocative, Compelling

Competition is violent and exploit noticed in a full to overflowing activity is laborious. We
cannot spend to let any opportunity to transmit effectively with prospects get
by. You are not the lone one beside a website, blog, or product that meets your
prospects needs.

It only takes 136 oral communication to dash off threescore seconds of audio. With the apposite 136 well-
written words, delivered by a painstakingly chosen, professional voice-over artist, you
can verbalize more than vindicatory a pitch: you can speak your total commercialism message,
corporate personality, and denounce photograph.

9. Cost Effectiveness

Many those guess that multimedia solutions, specified as audio, are costly. They
aren't. Audio is far more than efficient than video, animations, and other than work
intense rich media creative. If you leasing the justified race who cognise what they are
doing, you can have an sound promotion professionally create and
incorporated into your website for a monetary fund inwardly the conquer of any deep



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